Steps to Become A Career Counsellor in Australia

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2 min readJul 27, 2022

The role of career counsellors is to help people with their careers. They develop people’s careers, and it’s a long way process. They help people make crucial decisions related to their education, internships, personal development, and career. Furthermore, they also help people in arranging work experience and internships. Career counsellors assist all ages. Schools, technical and vocational colleges (or institutes of technology), universities, government agencies, or private practices may employ them.

Counselling is for people who wish to help others with their mental health and well-being and make a positive difference in their life. Passionate and empathic counsellors get rewards when they witness clients overcome obstacles in their life. The field desperately needs workers, and it offers stable, well-paying jobs with a lot of flexibility. “”How do I become a counsellor?”” you might be wondering. This page explains what talents you’ll need, what you should study, and what the industry has in store for you.

Acquire Relevant Qualification

Counselling is not a regulated profession in Australia. Being a counsellor does not necessitate any specific credentials or accreditations. Some states, such as NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia, do, however, compel counsellors to follow a code of ethics. However, if you want to work as a career counsellor in Australia, you’ll need to study the subject. It demonstrates to potential clients and employers that you know what you’re doing and how to accomplish it efficiently and responsibly. While you’re still learning, courses will provide you with practical experience.

A standard counseling qualification is a one-year Diploma in Counselling, which you can study at a TAFE or other vocational school. This counselling credential is necessary for professional accreditation and the start of your accredited counselling practice.

Despite this, many advertised counselling jobs require a three-year undergraduate degree, for example, a Bachelor of Counseling or a similar program in community services with a counselling concentration. Graduate diplomas and master’s degrees are available for those with existing qualifications.

Acquire An ACA/PAFCA Membership

Membership in a professional association may benefit those pursuing a career in counselling. The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia are the industry’s two primary bodies (PACFA).

These organizations are excellent sources of information about the field’s ethical and professional standards. They also have educational tools, including counselling publications, links to approved courses, and the most recent industry research.



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